Death and Amusement ( From entertainment )

counteract To discuss “entertainment” is because this media entertainment problem transfers our perception of daily life. When exposed to the environment of electronic and video media, the seriousness of affairs and complete thoughts are often resolved. And we are used to facing these media in a way that naturally dares not get strange So when… Continue reading Death and Amusement ( From entertainment )


Entourage, Curated by Sofia Topchishvili Today’s environmental crisis urgently needs addressing, but in our day-to-day lives how often do we reflect on our carbon footprints? Entourage was a collaborative installation by Tingyi Xu & Ching Hao Wen that challenged visitors to consider climate change and human behavioural patterns. In manipulating temperature, light, sound and visual effects,… Continue reading Entourage

The Return of Ghosts

The appearance of the ghost is the threat and approach of the other in the form of death A play within a play When we see the text, our first action is not to comprehend as a symbol or a trace, because in daily activities we have been dominated by the text and writing through… Continue reading The Return of Ghosts

Pictures and memory degradation

For me, all chance encounters are unique meanings happening, passing by the current time and space, capturing from the old photos as an unknown character. In the tedious and long collection and creation process, use a very intimate emotion to look at this character forgotten by time. Through the deconstruction of historical photos and the… Continue reading Pictures and memory degradation

Trauma of portraits

Photo as a replica in reality witch possesses a representational function; it is a reality that happens within a frame and peoples subjective understanding about their desire to retain Instant feeling, restarting peoples comprehension about the subtle among them. Photos are considered to be stored in a four-sided visual space, a spectacle that was preserved… Continue reading Trauma of portraits


Animals are always in a circumstance which dominated by humans John Burger (1926-2017) in his book 《Ways of Seeing》mentioned that the gap is due to the lack of common language with animals, which leads to animal silence. In the development of cities, the diversity of ecology is greatly diminished due to the destruction of habitats… Continue reading Enmass


tombstone is usually used as a testimony of death, proving that you have existed before, his functionality is generally higher than its shape, In different nationalities and traditions, different ways and rituals to clean up and interact. Through the process of designing a tombstone. What is concealed is that the tombstone itself has no direct… Continue reading Tombstone