Death and Amusement ( From entertainment )


To discuss “entertainment” is because this media entertainment problem transfers our perception of daily life. When exposed to the environment of electronic and video media, the seriousness of affairs and complete thoughts are often resolved. And we are used to facing these media in a way that naturally dares not get strange

So when you use the media’s entertainment thinking to look at the absence, many details and processes are actually ignored, but it is because the entertainment medium can keep the audience focused and maintain the magnification of the senses, so I choose The innate advantage of entertainment is to reverse this issue, repackage it, and let the viewer enter a spectacle, a place that covers the flow between sound and light and words and numbers to return to the moment of absence.

Timer with emotion

The tempo and sound field of the image and the song itself are changed simultaneously. The only constant digital form begins to calculate the number of deaths in the previous year at the moment the music is performed (starts at 0 and reaches 43251 at the end of the song, Number of deaths in Taipei area)

The background behind the number is a large and non-narrative light-emitting device, which is changing the perception and visual response of the viewer at any time (the operation of different colours can cause people to have certain emotional qualities and even stimulation). The blending state turns the entire field into a flowing lightbox. The viewer will have psychological expectations for the changes in colour and rhythm (trying to find and magnify the senses to think about the different forms of colour change produced by each rhythm) to promote visual and Hearing maintains a highly focused state to participate in the whole process.

The image combines geometric colour planes and lines to form the picture, stitch and overlap. thinking that between the sound field and the color, by finding a color melody with abstract thinking (the hue is enveloped and blooming in the image, light and dark, gray (Integrated with light, cold and warmth and sound field) to create a colorful sound landscape to evoke the noble sense of color and the most basic emotions.

Project : 43251 ´╝łTest Version)
Video Installation – 12:18
Taipei Paper Factory

Machine for making independent memories (return and imagination of collective memory)

Human experience and huge individual information are actually difficult to be quantified or summarized. Existence itself is complicated and sometimes lacks motivation and purpose, but we can find it from some empathic experience or overall social values and commonality. Some life experiences that generally belong to the current era, explore the past absences, express those feelings that were there but often overlooked (living environment, slogans of different purposes, objects, events, anthropomorphic or anthropomorphic interpretations) A ghost, a third-party fictional memory.

The choice of the marquee is because its use is a functional slogan machine, so in daily use, it is rarely seen that a carrier published by information will have more abstract or metaphoric text messages, so it is poetic to interpret The text and the imagination space given to reading actually produce an interesting contrast with its own functionality.

From a linguistic point of view, the composition of sentences is interpreted through grammars such as verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. So when these words are disassembled, the separated sentences can be re-stacked. The information of each marquee can be combined, disassembled, and by the viewer’s reading, the information in different marquee can be concatenated to combine the meaning. This deconstruction method can allow the information to be interpreted and generated more fluidly Of connecting words to invent their own memories

Field guidance

The properties of the stand are industrial, cold and artificial spatial elements (standardized design, 2 meters as a unit). The main purpose is to guide the audience to choose the order and division of the reading marquee, create different angles and view the video Distance, they are the carriages that support the marquee, and the guiding structure that allows the viewer to choose how to watch the images and text. A contrast.

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