Death and Amusement (Death in visualization)

A one-way trip

As people start to discover the scene which relates te to the death itself, normally the first impression in our mind is the deteriorations of the body, the processes also included interesting stagers, the near-death experience, to experience this kind of activity

It does not exist at a particular moment

The sequence might be like this

It is a gradual process, there are many gray areas in the middle, and many details are not yet clear

No longer feel hungry

No longer feel thirsty

The colors start to fade

There is no certain pattern in the order of symptoms

Sense of direction

Limb temperature changes

Lower blood pressure

Increased pulse rate

A woman said that she heard a tune similar to a musical tune, it was a beautiful tune

No one can hear but her

No sorrow

No joy

The brain is gradually extending time by sacrificing some functions of the body

There are many gray areas in the middle, and many details are not yet clear

The sequence might be like this

Physical activity continues to decrease

Difficult to cough and swallow

Breathing produces murmurs due to accumulation of fluid in the larynx

Slowing heart rate


Eyeballs filled with watery substances

There are many expressions about its appearance and type

Bright light

With the picture




Edges and boundaries

The brain starts to lack oxygen

The optic nerve is in a state of extreme excitement and is flooded with a lot of carbon dioxide

Vision out of the body

A short time

The body will also be far more sensitive than usual in other aspects


Continuous hypoxia in the brain

The colors start to become dull and fuzzy

No longer feel anxious

No longer tired

Life activities gradually disappear

The weak metabolic process in the tissue is still going on

Blood supply started to be unstable

Abnormal brain central function activity

But has not entered an irreversible stage

The brain goes into high-speed operation

Strong activity signals appear everywhere

The process will end in five minutes

Vision and touch are beginning to misalign

Particles condensed into lines, forming a beam



Visual cumulus perception begins to degenerate due to hypoxia

No longer confused

No longer feel fear

The cell enters the stage of exhaustion

Stop oxygen delivery

Inner loop termination

Brain tissue stops functioning

Hypoxia causes impaired function of the temporal-parietal junction

Chemical signals secreted by nerves and consciousness produce abnormalities

The brain begins to release large amounts of neurotransmitters

Brainwaves surge, sending out the last pulse of electrical energy

Countless images and sensory information

From a part of the brain to spread in series

According to the description of different experiencers

There is no consciousness and desire

Without understanding and passion

No value and survival

No separation and reproduction

No senses and feelings

No edges and boundaries

No order and law

No grasslands and tombstones

No performance and discourse 

No joy and pain

Without timeline 

Without space 

The heartbeat will stop beating here, with 2 minutes and 56 seconds left until the end of the process

Illusions and dreams make this process warmer

May be related to the body’s instant release of a large number of endorphin substances

The brain goes into high-speed operation

Officially entered the irreversible stage

The main input from the dorsal side of the visual thalamus or from the amygdala is blocked

Consciousness sinks in

Hippocampal gyrus injury, forming uncontrollable nerve activity

Brainwave activity has surpassed awake state

The remaining oxygen and sugar will be depleted in 1 minute

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