DEATH AND AMUSEMENT (As a live performance )

The world is still beautiful, as long as you don’t care that someone is dying

Project : 43251 (Final Version)
Video Installation – 12:18
Taipei Paper Factory

The viewer enters this unfamiliar field to empty themself. They put down their judgments and opinions, and feel happy in the vacuum state of the listening process, consciously letting the image take away consciousness.

By quantify the death population of a city through composition, this work sets the deaths interval of the Taipei population in 2019 (12 minutes and 18 seconds) to the length of the song to compose. When the music is in progress, the number of deaths in the previous year is calculated until the end (It starts to stack at 0 and reaches 43251 at the end of the song, the number of deaths in Taipei) Music plays a life-and-death (repeated experience) program that rotates 43251 individuals through the circulation of the song and the control of 12 minutes and 18 seconds The absence and appearance of ” also means that the end of the song will usher in the birth of the next ghost.

The use of media and entertainment pleasure culture to simulate death is to think about the distance between entertainment and reality, and let death be interpreted in another form (seriousness is diluted by entertainment), even if it is simulated in the process of death It is abstract and illusory, but it creates a confrontation with reality. When the viewer participates in this process in the video, he also experiences the reality of others, music and video become the master, and connect with reality in another way, so that It becomes a charm trap.

Instead, it provides a pleasant audiovisual experience, allowing the viewer to nomadic between the image and the text. The fact of death exists but is also drawn away. In the illusion of entertainment, the viewer unconsciously approaches it. After a while, it suddenly enters your sight, and then disappears quickly. This is a world with no continuity and meaning, a world that does not require us or allow us to do anything, a world where death is related to your hide-and-seek, and all this is related to death. 43,251 lives become one. Group numbers, a song, a fact that is happening, a work, a discourse you are watching.

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