Entourage, Curated by Sofia Topchishvili

Today’s environmental crisis urgently needs addressing, but in our day-to-day lives how often do we reflect on our carbon footprints?

Entourage was a collaborative installation by Tingyi Xu & Ching Hao Wen that challenged visitors to consider climate change and human behavioural patterns. In manipulating temperature, light, sound and visual effects, it addressed all the senses, provoking feelings of fear and confusion. The sounds and lights alluded to metropolitan life, whilst the room’s temperature and the transparency of the biodegradable plastic sheets used for the curtains together hinted at contemporary lifestyles and their environmental repercussions.

The show was immersive. As visitors moved through the zig-zagging makeshift corridor composed of those plastic curtains, they came closer and closer to the electric heaters positioned against the far wall and so felt the temperature rise, feeling more and more trapped. The white fluorescent lights with their amber filters also created a sense of warmth. The fragility of the sheets pointed to the fragility of our ecosystems. Walking between the curtains you could dimly see other visitors through the plastic while hearing a disconcerting soundtrack created by the artists using their bodies as sole instruments. The show offered a rich, multidimensional sensory experience that encouraged visitors to reflect on the environment and on their own habits.

— Sofia Topchishvili

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