Death and Amusement ( people of the absence )

Every few minutes, a ghost is born, life is short before time, but enjoyment is eternal

Death as a drummer   Henne, Joachim, born 1630

In this series, I mainly deal with a reincarnation of the past time. By extracting the data of the death population, I start an imagination of the present and the future. At first glance, the absence of this matter seems to be a relic of the past, but it is absent. It exists in any time and space and occurs at any time and at the same time. It is just that people have not realized this situation. He is a part of life. Our current daily life is non-stop and future history. Therefore, my works often Explain a state that has been returning to different time and space.

Death itself is often understood as a long and distant end, the ultimate purpose of which is to end, and it is fair to all people who die, and this fairness makes me want to think about a process of social population consumption (here we put The focus is on the death data recorded by government agencies) The data itself is only data, it has a sense of distance and there is no direct connection with the deceased, the large but thin and easy to be forgotten, but the identity of the deceased It is absent in the numbers.

In this video installation, I chose to deal with it in an entertaining way, amplify this sense of absence in the senses, and repeatedly remind this absence, that is, the fact that past time and death have been happening all the time, because death and time are Two-way, just like when I use the 2019 population data, it must also prove the 2020 data because the current population structure will not change much.

Use music to design an immersive place and listening experience, and the psychological changes of text and colour to explore the space and perception after death, and use ready-made objects to explain the cognition of death in different states, and reproduce the contemporary pursuit of people. Representation, joy and passion for the media environment.

I wrote a song to have a discourse with the data, and let the music connect the death and texts. design an entertaining and charming landscape, inducing the audience to enter the space, explore and shape a place where the viewer can immerse themselves without feeling any sadness and anxiety, watch the death toll in the previous year joyfully, and inform the audience at the end of the film what the numbers represent.

Wen Ching-Hao
Video and sound, installation (8:51)

In music, this piece is divided into different sections to explain different emotional qualities. Different instruments and vocal effects create a restless, compact, but full of rhythmic and rhythmic listening experience. The level is a gradual and upward stacking method. Sound and numbers will end at 8 minutes and 51 seconds and restart timing, meaning that another life will reach the end with the next playing.

The marquees and stands in the exhibition hall revealed the death statistics of various areas in London. They guided the passers to transform the exhibition space into a geographical space in the arrangement and combination of different structures and distance.

Be chill
  Be yourself   

Be gentle 

  Be sincere

Be aware of losing  

        Be considered     

      Be brave  

            Be alive 

        Be the ashes  
    Be the air   
    Be the darkness  
      Be a legend   

      Be nothing    
  Be a soul        

  Be a message  

  Be fossil

          Be the greatest game     

    Be the stars   

      Be a poem  

        Be a story     

Be a song          

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