Animals are always in a circumstance which dominated by humans

John Burger (1926-2017) in his book 《Ways of Seeing》mentioned that the gap is due to the lack of common language with animals, which leads to animal silence.

In the development of cities, the diversity of ecology is greatly diminished due to the destruction of habitats and hunting behaviours, what is left is usually a species that is adaptable and fertile, as a bird that becomes the best adaptor to urban culture. Pigeons, Its existence is often ignored because it is a part of daily life. From the individual’s point of view, this kind of birds is indeed a small existence. However, they are similar to a human community which mainly moving and feeding for groups. To be more specific, they also have developed a small society(single consort ), shuttle between the parks, streets, and lanes, using urban space with our humans. 

As a neighbour living with humanity, This work attempts to attract these groups through a feeding process, giving a re-evaluatee to these residents hidden in the city, communicating with them in different ways to think about the relationship between urban animals and humans.

At first, I was thinking about though this kind of experience to comprehend and interact with the birds, On the one hand, I knew it is impossible because we are not sharing the same language with animals, but on the other hand, I did have kind of curiosity and desire to give it a try even it is quite scared.

For this kind of experiment which by putting the seeds and food all over the body to attract the birds, remains me that in lots of the human feeding activities, we have been involved to an active circumstance for a long time, therefore, via transforming our bodies into a feeding place, in a way we just switch this kind of action into a passive mode, body becomes a container receiving the physical information in the duration of eating, you can feel all the activities that came from the feeding process such as the pressures of peck or the breeze when they spread their wings, the pushing when birds fighting for the food, So, In this passive situation, nature itself has dominated the participants, mentally it is intense and scared, you have to slowly accept the truth that you are being submerged by the pigeon, gradually trying to enjoy this contact and become part of the ground.

Black and white is always a way to make our observations  concentrate in the textile, structure and basic detail within a photo, because we remove the colour, and it is kind of historical culture related to photography, I used this kind of technique in order to create certain ritual and abstract experiences, It presents  a temporality and implicit sadness, a representation which relate to our mentality.

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