Game of the winner

A4 paper as a medium, a size that has been standardized in human life and widely used, Its existence is written and transmitted by human beings, as a throwing object, the viewer communicates with the medium by operating the medium, a sculpture process that transforms flat paper into a body object.

A certain amount of paper, through the participation of the viewer and re-sculpted in their hands, and replace the objects that originally stayed on the platform through the process of throwing. Paper, this material has become a miniature sculpture that constantly changes its shape, a process of sculpture that transforms flat paper into a body object (paper must be folded to reduce wind resistance and make it easier to maintain flight in the air)

Participants pass this material through the motives of throwing; In exchange for the opportunity, present objects to the exhibition and be viewed by the public, in the process, the viewers intervened in the micro-process of art from production to exhibition. 

Interestingly, the art on the stand will always be challenged, replaced by new paper and new audiences, the uncertainty of the artwork became the focus of the whole until the paper was exhausted, the last viewer who left the paper on the platform will become the author of this work, this work makes paper a competitor’s bargaining chip, reflecting the audience’s motivation and intention in the process of a game, the absence of the work becomes an ongoing event.

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